Tuesday, April 26, 2011


You might be asking why I am making a post about Tool in the first place. I am pretty late on listening to this band. Yes yes, I have heard many of their songs on the radio, but I have not fully listened to what this band is about. I never feel like I know a band until I have heard stuff that isn't played on the radio. For example, I pretty much hated Five Finger Death Punch from what I heard on 96.1, our local rock station. After I had heard their album material however, I was shocked. They were good, and not as mainstream rock as I thought they were. Anyways... I have been listening to Tool's Undertow and I am really enjoying it. They are very atmospheric and just have a cool vibe to their music. Tool isn't a band that plays metal nonstop for 60+ minutes. If you listen to Tool, be prepared to be sent into an adventure. In addition to how Tool sounds, they are incredibly talented musicians from what I have heard. The odd time signatures are interesting to listen to and the vocalist is amazing.

I was very surprised by Tool. I didn't expect them to be as heavy as they are at some times, but I did expect the atmospheric elements of their songs. Tool blends the two together to create an amazing listening experience. If you haven't listened to Tool, even if they are pretty popular, look into them.


  1. Tools a great artist, love their stuff

  2. i love tool, my friend recently got me into them. i really enjoy their music